Welcome to HIRARAYA , small laid-back guest house in Miyako island.

There are 3 big hand-made bunk-beds in this room.
Each bed has a fan and a reading light, and is separated by a curtain.
You can sleep and also relax in your own private space.

We have only one private room the size of a 6-tatami mat.
This is a bright, traditional Japanese room with shoji (Japanese traditional sliding doors).
Air conditioning is available at an additional charge of 500yen a night.

Guests can use communal refrigerator, gas stove, microwave oven, rice cooker,
seasonings, cooking tools, tableware, etc.
Free coffee and tea are available, You can also make espresso.

Soap, shampoo & conditioner are available for free in the shower booth.
There are 2 rest rooms (indoor and outdoor).
Washing machine fee is 100yen, You can dry your clothes inside or outside.

Tatami mat room with sound system and big low dining table.
You can use this room to eat, socialise or relax.
Mangas and English novels are available in the dorm room.

EFREE Internet (with wireless LAN)
EFREE Car parking (bicycles can be kept indoors)
EBicycle rental
ESnorkeling sets rental
ESafety box

HIRARAYA is located in central Miyakojima City just one block north of Miyako-jinja
(look for the navy blue curtain that says guesthouse).
From Miyako air port itfs a 5km ride that will cost you approximately \1,000 by taxi,
From Hirara port (for those coming by ferry from Naha or Isigaki Island) it's a 15-minute walk..